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Sisvel at the LES USA&Canada Annual Meeting

New York (USA), 25-28 October 2015

Licensing Standard Essential Patents Roberto Dini, Founder of Sisvel

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Sisvel at the London IP Summit

London (UK), October 12-13, 2015

The High Cost of Standardization – How to reward innovators Matteo Sabattini, CTO of the Sisvel Group

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Orange S.A. joins Sisvel’s Wi-Fi Licensing Program

London, October 6, 2015

Sisvel UK announced today that Orange S.A. has joined Sisvel’s Wi-Fi Licensing Program which aggregates Wi-Fi patents from different patent holders.


Ben G. J. Beune joins Sisvel to head the licensing operations of the ...

Luxembourg, September 16, 2015

Sisvel is pleased to announce today the appointment of Ben G. J. Beune as the new Executive Vice President and Chief Licensing Officer (CLO) of the Group.


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